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Engage your customers and sell more online by presenting your products in beautiful 3D

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ThreeKit is a software solution that delivers beautiful, interactive, and fast 3D models right in your ecommerce website with no plugins.

We seamlessly blend a rich, server-side API with a full-featured online editor into your online store. The result is eye-catching virtual products that recreate the in-store experience gives customers the confidence to make informed purchases that lead to fewer returns.

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Eye-Catching Visuals

Turn browsing into buying with attractive, picture-perfect 3D models

Instill Buyer Confidence

Experience virtual products in a natural way and reduce the uncertainty that prevents sales.

Click to Enable 3D

Click to Enable 3D

Reduce Returns

Immersive online products close the gap between online expectations and reality, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Eliminate Showrooming

Virtual product experiences remove the need to visit brick-and-mortar stores, eliminating the risk of losing the sale to in-store competition.

Tailor-made Experiences

Empower users to customize in real-time, using presets to modify materials, colors, and product models.

Expand Your Offering

Create, display, and sell a deep assortment of realistic virtual concept products, without the need for costly samples.

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