3D Product Configurator

A 3D product configurator is an interactive sales tool using live 3D models, allowing customers to easily configure custom designs and update product attributes like color, textures, and parts in real-time on any device.

3D product configurators boost customer engagement and are proven to increase sales as much as 30%.

For a simplified solution, explore our 360 product viewer, which replaces traditional 2D images, 360 spin, and 360 degree product photography.


Lightweight and lightning-fast

Our configurator starts loading within 2 seconds of a customer entering your site

Free-form personalization

We support the upload and click-and-drag placement of custom text, images, and logos

Fully-interactive 3D

Spin-and-zoom functions encourage customers to engage with your products

Real-time customization

Adjust colors, parts, and materials instantly — offer customers millions of possible variations

User-friendly solutions

Guided UIs that even your most non-technical customers can use

Available for consulting

Use our API right out of the box, or let us help build a solution for you — get started here

How We’re Different

Incredibly Fast Loading

We strive to deliver load times of less than 2 seconds of a customer hitting your website. We constantly measure the load time of our configurators to ensure they are loading as fast they possibly can on desktop, mobile, tablet, and VR headsets.

Every selection in our configurator loads instantly, unlike your competitor’s website which requires a painfully slow spinner — sometimes taking up to 15 seconds — for each change.

Making your customers wait is a recipe for abandoned carts and lost sales, we ensure your customer’s configuration experience is fast and flawless.

Low-Cost Alternative to Bespoke Configurators

Budgets are limited and timelines are tight, we understand the importance of investing your resources wisely.

Unlike a hand-coded Three.JS product configurator or bespoke configurator built using Unreal or Unity that requires a dedicated developer and weeks of custom coding, our WebGL product configurator uses best practices and years of delivering fast and cost-effective solutions.

Built-in 3D Editor and WYSIWYG Configurator

ThreeKit is built upon Clara.io, our web-based 3D editor, which lets you easily prepare and manage your 3D files in one location.

Don’t have a 3D model of your products? We can work from your existing CAD files or create a custom model from scratch, either way, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s Get Started

Online 3D product configurator software provides you with the solution to better buyer experience and increased online sales. It’s an opportunity to ask customers “What would you like?” instead of, “here is what we have for you.”

You can give your customers unprecedented creative freedom and offer a rich, interactive shopping experience that converts them from browsers into buyers.

Learn how to build a 3D product configurator on your own using our powerful APIs or Shopify plugin, or let our experts build a solution for you. Click here to get started.

More Demos

Visit our product demo page and explore a full list of 3D products, 360 viewers, and configurators for every major industry and product category, including clothing and apparel (t-shirts, shoes, high heels), consumer electronics, luxury goods and watches, furniture, home and garden, and sports and fitness.

High Heels Demo

Shoes & Footwear

Rolex Watch Demo

Luxury Goods & Watches

Weber BBQ Grill Demo

Home & Furniture

Smartphone Demo

Electronics & Appliances

Customer Success Story

Coalesse wanted to inspire customers and spark creative freedom for their extraordinary LessThanFive Chair. The solution required an intuitive UI that allowed for custom graphics, logos, and color gradients to be altered and rendered in real-time.

  • Real-time configuration
  • Supports mobile, desktop, and tablet
  • Sherrie Willson, Digital Marketing Manager at Steelcase, called ThreeKit a “great way to engage customers in the design process.”