360 Interactive Canon Camera Demo

Interact with a camera using ThreeKit’s interactive 360 viewer or build a 3D product configurator, allowing you to change models and colors. Visit our demo page to explore more 3D products.

Canon HD Camera

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  • Swap models, parts, colors, and textures in real-time
  • Simple, easy-to-use UIs for your most non-technical customers
  • Engage and customers better than static 2D product images

3D models are versatile sales and marketing tools that allow you to live-embed interactive product viewers, create robust configurators, render multiple angle product shots, and jump into VR with the click of a button.

You can easily update your product attributes (like colors, finishes, logos, and parts) and instantly update your catalogue while avoiding costly reshoots required by traditional 2D product shots and 360 product photography.

Who is ThreeKit?

We are a group of dedicated 3D pioneers and visual effects professionals, helping online retailers and product manufacturers create their own rich, interactive shopping experiences. We combine innovation, expertise, and 15 years of Hollywood Visual FX experience to deliver high-quality 3D product configurators and visualization solutions that engage and convert more customers.

We help our clients achieve high-quality visuals and new levels of engagement on their e-commerce website, we can help you too.

More Demos

Visit our product demo page and explore a full list of 3D products, 360 viewers, and configurators for every major industry and product category, including clothing and apparel (t-shirts, shoes, high heels), consumer electronics, luxury goods and watches, furniture, home and garden, and sports and fitness.

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