3D Viewer and REST API

Developers looking to get their hands dirty can explore our robust REST API, Viewer API, and full documentation and build your own custom solution.

You can use our API right out of the box, or let us help build a cost-effective solution for you.



Automate your 3D development pipeline through our REST API and perform scene manipulations including import, export, create, and clone commands

Import / Export API

Prepare files for the 3D Viewer, upload custom materials, download models from the Clara.io library, file conversion, and more


Authenticate the users of your application or plugin through Clara.io with OAuth 2.0. Please contact support@clara.io for more details on getting started

3D Viewer Basics

JavaScript library for rendering 3D models in WebGL-enabled browsers

Custom 3D Experiences

Build simple and complex 3D experiences, like 3D product configurators and custom applications using our API commands

Built-in 3D Editor

Prepare and manage your 3D files in one location using Clara.io – our browser-based editor

Available for consulting

Use our API right out of the box, or let us help build a solution for you — get started here


Our APIs arm you with a robust set of tools to help you build a custom solution. If you’ve ever wondered how to build a product configurator, look no further.

Automate your 3D workflow and streamline the importing and exporting process as well as conduct scene manipulations against our online 3D editor, Clara.io. Once your 3D models or CAD manufacturing files are inside Clara.io, use our simple 3D viewer to render it live in all WebGL-enabled browsers.

More advanced users can build 3D experiences like 3D product configurators and custom applications using our API commands. We offer solutions for non-technical up to highly advanced users, with pricing starting at $100/month. Visit our Getting Started page for more information.

Don’t have a 3D model of your products?  We can work from your existing CAD files or create a custom model from scratch, either way, we’ve got you covered.

Customer Success Story

Soccer-1 needed an automated workflow and asset management system that could import and modify animation data and then display it in interactive 3D and VR — thankfully our API was there to help.

  • Built using our battle-tested APIs
  • Viewer API ensures lightning-fast loading on desktop, mobile, and VR devices
  • Clara.io made it easy to set up a dozen animated scenes with a small investment of resources