Online 3D Editor

Access, our immensely popular online 3D editor, which allows you to easily create, render, and manage your 3D content. puts the power of desktop modelling tools in the browser, and our powerful and battle-tested APIs can help you streamline and automate your 3D workflow.


3D in the browser

3D model creation, editing, rendering, hosting — all in your web browser

Embedded 3D viewer

Embed 3D interactive products right in your website with a single line of code

Optimized file importing

Import the most complex 3D files and easily convert to a lightweight, high-quality 3D model optimized for the web

Support for over 30 file formats

STEP, IGS, FBX, OBJ/MTL, PLY, and dozens more

Proprietary in-browser format

Our proprietary 3D format ensures fast-loading and maximum fidelity in the browser, and protects your IP

Material library

Explore 1000+ materials optimized for use on the web


Use our powerful REST API to streamline and automate your import process

Over 300,000 registered users is trusted by professional and promising 3D modelers, developers, and, artists

Available for consulting

Use our API right out of the box, or let us help build a solution for you — get started here


ThreeKit is tied into the web-based editor and content management system, as well as with’s REST and web-based APIs. This enables rich, customizable experiences that are easy to create, maintain, and automate.

It also reduces the need for expensive and offline desktop tools for preparing content. With excellent support for CAD files (particularly STEP and IGES), as well as transitional polygon 3D file formats like FBX, ThreeKit works well with your product creation workflows. supports multi-user editing, so your team can work simultaneously — think Google Docs for 3D.

Exocortex stands behind ThreeKit and can easily customize its toolset to meet your needs, or you can do it yourself with ThreeKit’s powerful and battle-tested APIs.

Don’t have a 3D model of your products?  We can work from your existing CAD files or create a custom model from scratch, either way, we’ve got you covered.