Create a Custom 3D Model of Your Product

From real-world to 3D on the web.

Turn your existing product into a custom 3D model!

3D models breathe life into your website and they can be updated to reflect product revisions — impossible with traditional 2D static images or 360 spin and 360 turntable images.

There are multiple paths to get your real-world product into 3D on the web:

  • Use your existing CAD or 3D files
  • Purchase a stock model from an online market
  • Create a new 3D model using reference pictures

If you have CAD models or 3D files of your product, or you can find a similar model for purchase online, then we can import those files into and quickly optimize it for the web (by reducing polygon count and the size of textures/materials). FBX or STEP file formats are preferred, although we accept a variety of other formats. Alternatively, you can create a model from scratch.

Creating lightweight 3D models for visualization purposes is an exercise in approximation. We avoid creating full-fidelity models of your products, the reason is simple: our 3D viewer runs on all web-based devices (the good and the bad) and exact representations add unnecessary weight that increase load times.

Our solution is to strip away minor details (such as screws or hidden wires) that are inconsequential to the purchase decision and focus on creating an accurate depiction; your input is critical to determining what details are important.

5-Steps to Creating Your 3D Model

  1. Photos & Guidance: Provide high-level guidance on what you want us to model:
    1. Photos from multiple angles (See Photography Guide below)
    2. Highlight important aspects of your product that are critical for success
    3. Send pictures and information to
  2. Quote: We will provide an approximate cost and time needed to create the model.
  3. 1st Iteration: We will create and deliver your model as an interactive scene.
  4. Feedback: You provide feedback on any necessary changes.
  5. Final Model: Your feedback is incorporated and we return to Step 3 until you are completely satisfied with the 3D model representation.


See below for a quick walkthrough of photo and feedback courtesy. Once you’re ready to get started, contact us or reach out directly to


Pricing is billed at an hourly rate in USD$.

As a guideline, custom models average approximately $200-400 per model (depending on model complexity).

Photography Guide

Multiple pictures of your product are required — both head-on and any unique angles.

For best results, photographs should be taken with a ruler for scale and your product should be placed in front of a simple background (solid white is preferred).

Please highlight any aspects of your product that are critical to your success, and we will ensure those details are accurately represented. We strive to create a full representation of your product but remember there are always trade-offs.

Following these guidelines will help us to quickly deliver your models with incredible accuracy.

Head-On Photos

Include 1 photo from each side of the object — top, bottom, left, right, back, front. Good quality photos ensure that we capture the exact curves and angles of your product. Example photos are shown below:












Angled Photos

Please also provide general pictures of the object from various and unique angles.

Materials and Textures

Please list the materials or specific textures that are on the surface of your object so we can match the material properties correctly. If you can include screenshots from the web or provide photographs from multiple angles, that is ideal.

Measurements and Diagrams

If you have specific measurements or engineering diagrams of your product please include them. While this is optional, it helps vastly improve the quality and accuracy of the 3D model.

Movement and Animation

If a model requires movement or animation, please include photos of the model in multiple configurations. This will allow us to create a model with the required functionality.

Delivery and Feedback

Once complete, we will deliver your 3D model as an interactive scene.

You may wish to provide feedback on the first iteration of the 3D model. To make sure we can accurately understand and incorporate the changes you want, please record any changes using an annotated picture (example shown).

You can include as many annotated pictures as you need, please ensure that instructions and feedback are clear.


Finished Model

Once the feedback process has been completed to your satisfaction, your model is ready for the web! You’re now free to embed the model on your website using our whitelabelled 360 Product Viewer or 3D Product Configurator.