White Label Viewer and Configurator

Create guided UI solutions and integrate our interactive 3D product viewer directly in your website while maintaining your branding.

Our powerful REST API helps automate the import process and ensure your models are optimized for the web.


100% Whitelabelled

Your website is your stage — our solutions fit seamlessly into your website

Light-weight web viewer

Showcase your products with our lightning-fast, interactive 3D product viewer

Easy setup and integration

Easily embed our powerful 3D viewer with a single line of code on your website, app, or mobile platform

User-friendly solutions

Guided UI solutions that are user-friendly — even for your most non-technical users

Available for consulting

Use our API right out of the box, or let us help build a solution for you — get started here


We know the importance of maintaining your branding on your site — that’s why our solutions are 100% whitelabelled. You can instantly embed interactive 3D models directly into your website with one single line of code using our popular, lightweight viewer.

If you’re a developer looking to get more from ThreeKit,  visit our solutions page and discover how you can build your own solution, collaborate and co-develop a solution, or trust our experts to deliver a cost-effective full custom solution.

Our professional partners, KBMax and ONU One, whitelabel our technology to help build solutions that meet their customer’s unique needs.

Customer Success Story

Xenith wanted accomplish real-time, 3D viewing and configuration for online orders. Our integration partner, ONU One, worked with us to seamlessly blend a configuration platform and web-based viewing solution right into the existing Xenith website.

  • Real-time viewing and configuration
  • Built using our powerful REST API