Plugin Support for E-Commerce Platforms

Our 3D product configurator and 360 viewer software is supported by Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce e-commerce platforms.

Embed interactive 3D models and create a product configurator that allows for multi-product checkout and live-pricing, all while engaging customers in a rich, customized experience.

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Our web-based 3D product configurator and 360 viewer seamlessly integrate into the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms.

With our unique 3D software, you can offer live-pricing that is tied into your existing products — we even allow for multi-product checkouts and support for multiple currencies.

You can instantly embed interactive 3D models directly into your website. Our 360 product viewer is fully customizable and 100% whitelabelled, allowing you to keep your own branding and quickly add custom annotations. The viewer can be repurposed to build an interactive 3D product configurator, used for customizing simple and complex product SKUs.

Interactive 3D product experiences deliver an unmatched shopping experience and are proven to boost customer engagement and increase sales as much as 30%. Fill in the contact form on this page, and we’ll be in touch very shortly.

We can import existing 3D models from your preferred CAD or 3D modeling software and convert them into a usable and lightweight, web-friendly 3D models. Our import process also allows you to optimize your files for display performance in any web browser. If you don’t have 3D models, we can help with that too.

Install the Shopify App

Simply click the link and add your store name to access our 3D product configurator plugin in Shopify.