Soccer-1: Instructional Animation & VR

Using 3D motion-capture animations and backed by world-class players, Soccer-1 promises to change the way we teach soccer around the world.


Soccer-1 brought world-class players into a 3D motion-capture studio and recorded their every move. They needed an automated workflow and asset management system that could import and modify the FBX animation data and then display it in interactive 3D and even VR.


Soccer-1 opted for a hosting and editing solution that relied on an easy API integration that limited the strain on their resources. They challenged our team to optimize our animation player to ensure lightning-fast loading on desktop, mobile, and VR devices without sacrificing quality.

We tinkered with, our cloud-based 3D editor and animation tool, in order to deliver an automated workflow from start to finish.

Powered by ThreeKit’s powerful API, Soccer-1 has an integrated workflow and content management system, making it easy to:

  • Import and customize animations from FBX format
  • Quickly add annotations
  • Display scenes using interactive 3D
  • View scenes in VR


Our team was tasked with optimizing our animation pipeline to ensure Soccer-1 had a platform that could respond to the scale of their userbase.

Our cloud-based 3D editor,, made it easy to set up a dozen animated scenes with only a small investment of resources.

Soccer-1 is among a growing list of companies that rely on ThreeKit to deliver exceptional 3D-viewing experiences. Our powerful API makes it easy for any online merchant to instantly display interactive 3D models that educate and engage consumers.